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Quality and business practices policy

The basic program of FRAGMAT S doo as a member of the FRAGMAT system is the production and sale of thermal insulation and waterproofing products for construction. The main purpose of using these products is reflected in lower energy consumption in buildings (less consumption of natural resources, which also reduces environmental pollution). The company is committed to the highest standards of business and ethical conduct. The management system is based on the requirements of the international quality standard ISO 9001:2015.

The basic principles of our policy and environmental management are:

  • justify customer expectations;
  • meet standards and legal requirements;
  • produce and supply in accordance with terms that ensure business success; 
  • compliance with legal provisions in the field of human rights and labor laws, compliance with the principles of the FRAGMAT Code of Business Conduct;
  • reduction of negative environmental impacts; 
  • reduction of energy consumption and reduction of waste generation; 
  • improving the quality management and environmental management system as well as technological processes.

Top Management is committed to continually improving the effectiveness of the Management System, thus enabling the company to have a secure, clean and better future.

All of us employees are fully aware of and understand the quality and environmental management policies. We prepare and comply with all legal requirements for environmental safety and we prove it appropriately. We encourage the business and ethical conduct of the company and all our suppliers, and sanction violations of such criteria.

The policy was distributed to all employees as well as to those who work for or on our behalf through the communication channels in the group. Our actions are aimed at fulfilling this policy, as well as meeting the framework and derived objectives for quality improvement and environmental management.

The brand FRAGMAT, a concept of quality and tradition.
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By developing new programs and new technologies we have built up a successful brand.
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We operate in accordance with the guidelines of an established and certified management system.
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We are focused on managing our regular requirements and reducing our environmental impact.
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