Floor heating manifold FRTS1 - Extended configuration

The stainless steel manifold FRTS1 is made of a feeding (control) distribution pipe with precise regulators-flow indicators (Regolux HSG - 0.5 l/min) and connectors, and a return (thermostatic) distribution pipe with thermostatic valves and accessories. Distribution pipes are on one side equipped with a terminal nut 1", a ball valve 3/4", a charging valve and an automatic de-airing pot, on the other side they are closed by a plug of 3/4". Both parts of the distributor, made from stainless steel V2A (1.4301), are connected by a mounting bracket. The number of connections is chosen according to the number of heating circuits (loops) of the floor heating. There are strips of 2 to 12 lines; if we need more, they can be coupled to each other. Radiant heating pipes of different sizes (16×2, 17×2 or 20×2 mm) are connected to the distributor through appropriate Eurokonus connectors.

On request it is possible to supply also distributors with different configurations and add-ons: - distributor with attached thermometer and manometer, - distributor with flow controller with the possibility of regulating the flow – Regolux memory 0-5 l/min - basic distributor - without automatic flow regulators and without automatic de-airing pots



  • FRTS1-2, 265 mm
  • FRTS1-3, 300 mm
  • FRTS1-4, 350 mm
  • FRTS1-5, 400 mm
  • FRTS1-6, 460 mm
  • FRTS1-7, 515 mm
  • FRTS1-8, 565 mm
  • FRTS1-9, 615 mm
  • FRTS1-10, 665 mm
  • FRTS1-11, 715 mm
  • FRTS1-12, 765 mm
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