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75 years of tradition
Flexible at low temperatures
190.24 million m2 of bitumen membranes installed
Practical packaging
100 %
to install
Environmentally friendly

Waterproofing is a functional layer, a continuous waterproof sheath that prevents the passage of water or moisture into the load-bearing structure. Therefore, it is located on the outside of the structure, where the building is in contact with the ground (soil moisture and water), and where the building has external horizontal surfaces (exposed to the weather), such as platforms, balconies, lodges, terraces and flat roofs.

The task of waterproofing is to provide a dry structure and, consequently, favourable conditions in the interior for various purposes, such as warehousing, labour, production, trade, business activities and living.


  • products with high content of bitumen
  • products with all technical documentation and certificates
  • quality according to strict requirements of standards SRPS EN 13969, SRPS EN 13707, SRPS EN 13970, SRPS EN 13808 
  • products are easy for installation
  • installation is possible in different weather conditions
  • long lifetime of products
  • consultation - solutions adapted to individual situations
  • waterproofing systems for demanding architectural ventures
  • a wide range of waterproofing products from foundation to roof:
    • BITULIT primer, in different packaging
    • 5 types of membranes for under layer
    • 15 types of bitumen membranes
    • reflex membranes granule-surfaced
    • 5 types of self-adhesive membranes
    • 5 types of membranes for vapour barriers and for radon protection
    • 3 types of membranes with integrated anti-root protection for green roofs
  • waterproofing products for roads and bridges
  • bituminous emulsions for roads    

Did you know

  • The production of bituminous products in Slovenia has a long tradition, since as early as 1937, asphalt was produced in Ljubljana, which was used to pave the streets of Ljubljana. .  Out of this production line the Industry of bituminous products evolved in 1947, which was renamed into Izolirka Ljubljana in 1951.
  • The renovation of unprofessionally performed waterproofing is difficult and expensive, so it is necessary to provide for a proper selection of materials and a professional installation in time.
  • Bitumen - a natural and ecologically acceptable material. It has been known for thousands of years as a waterproofing material in civil and road construction. It was used already by the Sumerians, Egyptians and Romans. Even today, it is the basic raw material in the production of modern polymer bitumen products.

Reasons to buy

  • easy to install
  • resistant to extreme loads
  • long lifespan
  • allow for simple follow-up interventions
  • not harmful to health
  • proven in practice for many years
The brand FRAGMAT, a concept of quality and tradition.
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